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I want to store with EBC Self-Storage!

Here is a quick 3-step guide to help you. It serves as a checklist for users of our products and website.

Step 1: Explore Features & Benefits

Learn more about the various features & benefits so you can plan your storage more efficiently. EBC being a turnkey storage solution, you don’t have to fret the small stuff. Speaking of small, we even offer mini storage units for rent.

Step 2: Decide How Much Space You Need

Before you rent storage units from us, estimate how much space you need.

Step 3: Get a Quote!

When you’re ready, contact us to get a space of your own right here in Singapore. Call us at 6511 2929 or you may choose to submit the form by clicking here.

Comparison table

Archive box dimensions: 34 X 41 X 27cm

Medium box dimensions: 40 X 45 X 35cm

Large box dimensions: 40 X 65 X 35cm

Size Estimator

Click on the image

Locker size estimate. Most economical size, comes in upper or lower units, compact and suitable for light usage.

Locker Size


Small size estimate. Walk in units, double of locker size, suitable for light items without bulky furniture.

Small Size


Medium size estimate. Larger than normal hdb storerooms. Suitable for those with some furniture like mattress, dining table, washing machine.

Medium Size


Large size estimate. Suitable for business inventory, bulky furniture, room size.

Large Size